New Orleans-style chicken Thigh bun
New Orleans-style chicken Thigh bun

Product features

Optimized Zhengda industrial chain chicken, harmoniously matched with Orleans flavor spices;

Authentic New Orleans barbecue flavor, rich in luster, delicious and attractive smell.

The chicken is plump and appetizing, and the sweet and spicy flavors blend with each other and set off each other with a full aftertaste.

Product information

Main ingredients: wheat flour, chicken, special Orleans flavor spices, onions and so on.

Product specification: 85g

Packing specification: 510g×12

Edible method

Steaming: defrosting, steaming in a steaming cabinet, steaming for about 9 minutes after boiling, and then eating;

It can also be fried, roasted, fried, microwaved and other forms of meals.



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