Red Bean bun
Red Bean bun

Product features

Selected high-quality red beans in Northeast China, with plump and smooth seeds, bright color, sweet taste and high content of bean paste, have the reputation of “ruby”;

Secret process, rich bean flavor, sweet, soft and glutinous, endless aftertaste;

Red beans, a traditional food in Northeast China, have the functions of “nourishing body fluid, promoting urination, relieving swelling, removing swelling and stopping vomiting”, and are called “the valley of the heart” by Li Shizhen.

Product information

Ingredients: wheat flour, red beans, sugar, etc.

Product specification: 85g

Packing specification: 510g×12

Edible method

Steaming: defrosting, steaming in a steaming cabinet, steaming for about 9 minutes after boiling, and then eating;

It can also be fried, roasted, fried, microwaved and other forms of meals.



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